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Book Publisher in Australia

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Don’t Let Under Confidence, Fear Of Failure, Or A Lack Of Know How Hold You Back For Another Day!

Writing a book is on many people’s ‘bucket list’ – Sadly, most of them will never achieve that big goal! Let’s face it, if writing a book was easy, everyone with a desire and a story would be doing it. Frequently however, writers just don’t know where to start as they face problems such as:

How do you structure your content and chapters?

What’s the key to providing valuable and succinct content without rambling on?

How and where do you position your book within your business?

How do you pull your thoughts together and know exactly what to write to attract your next client or opportunity?

How do you navigate the publishing industry and guarantee a high-quality book? and most importantly,

Who will show you how to market and leverage your profile and business via your new ‘business card on steroids’?

There are a myriad of writing courses on the market today but the harsh reality is that only 3% of people that attend those courses ever become a published author. Many of our clients had attended writing courses that promised the world or had bought publishing packages on the cheap from India and China and were left with nothing more than frustration and anger at their lack of support, let alone a published book.

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My name is Natasa Denman

I am the author of 14 books myself as well as helping more than 600 people from all walks of life across the globe write and publish their first book with my Ultimate 48 Hour Author Blueprint.

So you are probably wondering, what makes us any different from other book mentoring companies? Well, we understand that writing a book is normally a lonely journey and one that stops many people in their tracks before they even begin.

At Ultimate 48 Hour Author, we quickly realized that it wasn’t enough for someone to be shown a helicopter view of a system, they needed hands-on guidance throughout the entire process.  From conceptual ideas and brain dumping of the content – to analyzing exactly what their target audience is looking for – to content structure, chapter format, proof-reading, editing, layout, cover design – seeding the readers’ next step – to, marketing and leveraging the book to reach as many people as possible.

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Book Publisher in Australia

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Your Book Writing and Publishing Solution in One Unique Place

If you are ready to Write and Publish your first book, Ultimate 48 Hour Author is the first choice for coaches, speakers, consultants, practitioners, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Your journey beings right now!

Book Publisher in Australia
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Book Publisher in Australia
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With a thriving community of our author family that has written, published, and leveraged their first books in a fun and professional environment.

If your book can help just one person, it is worth writing but imagine helping thousands and spreading ripples across the globe.

That is exactly what my authors have done and have had their books read in more than 50 countries, changing the lives of 100,000’s of people.

If you have a book in you, don’t be so selfish and not share it with the world.

We have the experience, we have the know-how, we have the systems and we have the results.

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Authors Published

We have worked with clients all around the world in more than 10 countries

Words Written

Our Authors have combined to share more 30 million words. The most used word is ‘The’


From Sweden to Swaziland, Israel to Ireland, our author’s books are global

Amazon Best-Selling Authors

The credibility and opportunities that come from being a best-selling author is huge

We can help you…

Turn Your Idea Into A Platform For Influence & Impact

Whether you want to start your first business, take your existing one to the next level or leave a gift of knowledge for others to build on – Writing your book can help you get there!


We’ll Help You Get Your Business off The Ground

If you are seeking to establish yourself in your area of expertise, our programs will give you the knowledge, confidence and community support you need to get started and move on to success.


After 30 years of introducing people to the aviation industry putting what I do int a book has been an extremely rewarding experience. It has provided increased opportunities to promote my business and assist more people to achieve their dream to become a licensed pilot.

Adrianne Fleming

Author of “The Left Seat”


Take Your Influence To The Next Level

Are you well established but still only impacting one client at a time? 

Writing and publishing a book on your experience, expertise, shortcuts to save your clients time or money, industry insights, or simply mindset secrets for success has been proven to raise your profile, position yourself to stand out from your competitors and win more business.


This book has given me a great sense of achieving by fulfilling a goal I long had. On the practical side, this book is a great companion for my real estate brokerage business and adds to my credibility as well as providing our newly hired agents with a roadmap to success.

Al Carioti

Author of “$100,000 Your First Year In Real Estate Guaranteed!”


Want To Leave Something For Future Generations?

Not only will you write your book, our publishing model will ensure that you share your journey in a way that helps others to make the most of theirs.

We’ll give you the tools and the confidence to speak to the many.


Writing the book has been a dream come true. It was something I had thought about doing for 15 years before actually signing up with U48A and with their support and expertise I completed my memoir in five months from start to book in hand.  They were fabulous every step of the way.  As a result of writing my book I have developed my business as an events speaker and coach and am on my way to achieving my life goals to help others achieve to their potential.

Anne Butcher

Author of “I Ruined My Life... Or So They Said”

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