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Introducing the ‘Let’s Get it Done’ Book Accelerator Membership with Ultimate 48 Hour Author. What we have learned and observed over the decade we have been helping people write, publish and leverage their books is that there is a lot to be done when it comes to setting up infrastructure behind your book. We have put on Masterclasses, Publishing Accelerator calls and The Coaching Couch with Nat to help our authors finish their books and to educate them on the sales and marketing aspect that come afterwards. These have proven to be massive value and are well-attended by our authors.

The Book Accelerator Membership started in June 2022. The purpose of it is was to chunk down even further and get things done for your book and business ‘On the SPOT’ consistently and fast.

If you are a Brand-New Author and have never worked with us, we have a Book Success Path for you through the membership that helps you complete your book with support and publish it using your membership payments. You are getting two things for the price of one doing it this way and for the fraction of the investment when compared to our signature Ultimate 48 Hour Author retreats.

As a Brand-New Author in the community, you will also get access to the full Ultimate 48 Hour Author Online Course which contains our system, core content and usually is sold separately for $2000. This year we are including it in the membership and you will be able to gain full access in your first 4 months of membership.

Book Accelerator Membership Includes

40 Annual 60 minute ‘Let’s get it done’ Workshops (see examples below)

2 Hour ‘Focus with Others’ Blocks via Zoom to complete ‘ON the Book or Business Tasks’

‘The Coaching Couch with Nat’ Live Sessions every 2 weeks

Laser Coaching by Nat via Voxer (send her a voice message and get a reply to your immediate questions) Value – Priceless

At the 2 Year Anniversary of your membership, you qualify for a 40,000 word book standard publishing package OR Amazon #1 Best Seller Campaign on one of your books.

Weekly Publishing Accelerator Support Calls as you write and when you enter the publishing stage of your book

The archive of all the already run workshops to date (40+ waiting there for you)

Ultimate 48 Hour Author Online Program Access for Brand-New Authors (Value: $2000)

Library of past recorded trainings and short FAQ videos (Over 500 hours – Priceless!!!)

Workshops We Have Run

1. Let’s Create our Author Goals
2. Let’s set up our Facebook Profile right and create 10 awesome posts
3. Let’s get our LinkedIn Profile right
4. Let’s build out a Marketing Plan for your book
5. Let’s set up your Author Central profile on Amazon
6. Let’s unpack an Online Course
7. Let’s create a Magnetic Event behind your book
8. Let’s write/update your Speaker Bio
9. Let’s create some Compelling Offers
10. Let’s Build out your High End Package
11. Let’s complete a Digital Declutter
12. Let’s set up your podcast on Anchor FM
13. Let’s learn how to play in Canva
14. Let’s learn how to use a project management software – Asana
15. Let’s build out your business budget
16. Let’s learn how to write and build systems
17. Let’s map out your Customer Journey
18. Let’s write Your Heroes Journey
19. Let’s build a Workshop Power Point
20. Let’s map out your business plan
21. Let’s set up Reviews for you, your book & business
22. Let’s film 5 short Hot Tip Videos
23. Let’s build a Lead Magnet
24. Let’s learn how to use Asana – Project Management
25. Let’s set up Feedback form for your business
26. Let’s write and create our Manifesto
27. Let’s write and Practice your Networking Pitch

…plus much much more! Special experts will be invited also from time to time to teach you new tools to market and grow your business.


The membership is paid month to month with no lock-in contracts, so you can cancel anytime. It is only when you remain a member for the full 24 months consecutively, do you qualify for a standard book publishing package OR the Amazon #1 Best Seller campaign.

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