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In just a few short months, you can become a published author and share your message on a global scale

How would it feel? Finally holding your book in your hands. Definitely a huge sense of pride and accomplishment that you achieved your ‘bucket list’ goal. Well, we can make it happen…

Our bespoke guided publishing is the best of both worlds of self, and traditional publishing giving you full control without worrying about the nitty gritty and unprofessional DIY options, or rejection from a big publishing house.

YOUR Book, YOUR way!

How does it work?

Publishing Services

A dedicated team that is committed to delivering the best possible book, and competitive pricing. With a full support team behind you, guiding you every step of the way, you will be holding a book shop quality book before you can say thesaurus!

We promise you will:

  • Get your print-ready files
  • Be able to order when and how much you want of your book as it will be on your own print on demand account
  • You won’t be sold expensive marketing done-for-you packages (we don’t offer that)
  • Get this done Super Fast (after all we run Ultimate 48 Hour Author)
  • One dedicated team member during your book publishing project
  • You get to keep all your profits and royalties as we want to set you free after we help you with your book
  • Get access to our amazing secret community of over 600 authors so far

What are the costs?

Let's talk dollars and cents

Quoting on Book Publishing is difficult without a conversation. Variables such as the size of the book, style of paper, color, images, product finish vary this significantly from book to book.

Our Ultimate Publishing Package includes the following as standard:

  • ISBN numbers for both your Book and E-Book
  • Copyediting
  • Proofing of your book by your Editor Post Internal Layout
  • Professional Cover Design Print Ready
  • Full Internal Layout of up to 15 Images included
  • E-book conversion of Your Book
  • Amazon Upload of Your Book
  • Print on Demand upload and set up via Ingramspark
  • One Proof Print copy of Your Book
  • One lot of Revised files re-uploaded to Ingramspark upon reviewing your book
  • Australian National and State Library Deposit of Your Book

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Call us for a 10-minute chat on 1300 664 006, schedule a Breakthrough Call with us or fill out the inquiry form so we can determine what your vision is for your book so we are able to quote accordingly on your customized package so you get the book that is the perfect reflection of your style, brand, and personality.

We’ve done this with more than 600 authors… Meet Our Authors

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Our Results Speak For Themselves

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9 Reasons Why We're The World’s Best Book Writing Program

Our results speak for themselves but if you need any more reasons why we have hundreds of 5 start reviews, below is just a snapshot of how we do what we do better than the rest.  It is no fluke that we are Australia’s first choice for coaches, speakers, consultants, practitioners, and life-story tellers looking to become published authors.

Leading Experts

We have helped hundreds of  first time non-fiction authors write, publish and leverage their first book.

An All Inclusive Program

We provide a process that includes structure, content, and publishing.

Unlimited Mentoring

Our program includes invaluable mindset mentoring and an immersive 3 day writing retreat.

Ongoing Support

We give personalised end-to-end support to help maximise your books leverage opportunities.

Experienced Teachers

Natasa has written 14 books in total – Is a 4 time Amazon Best-selling author with NLP and coaching qualifications.

We Guard Creative Integrity

As an author in our program, you will retain 100% of your rights and proceeds.

Community Of Authors

Don’t do the journey alone! Enjoy the inspiration and support network of our vast family of published authors.

A Highly Professional Team

Super-fast response times to customer needs, combined with exceptional service standards and a focus on getting results.

Feels Like A Family

We are an all-inclusive, family-owned Australian business with a thriving community and a fun and professional environment.

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