This Happened When I Wrote My First Book…

One of the first questions that I get asked from people that attend my seminars is, “What has writing a book done for you and for your other authors?”

Writing a book changed my life, I can say that without any shadow of a doubt.

I made $7,000 in my first year as a coach.

I was broke, in debt and although I knew I could change my client’s lives, I simply didn’t have enough clients to sustain me or my family and I needed to make a big decision.

My coach at the time suggested I write a book to showcase my knowledge and elevate myself within my niche and even though I had no idea what I was doing, I was paying my coach on my maxed-out credit card so I thought I better listen!

Back then, I didn’t know people like me existed, so I spent every waking minute writing my first book and after 6 months of trial and error, blood sweat and tears, I self-published my first book.

My focus was all-consuming, and it almost broke me, however, within weeks of my book being published, I had a fully booked coaching practice (back then I was a mindset coach niched within the weight loss field) and a waiting list wanting to work with me.

I got offered speaking gigs, JV opportunities and appeared in all mainstream media across the country as my business grew exponentially.

After working through several other niches, in 2014, Ultimate 48 Hour Author was born after I had written another 2 books and had documented the entire process that enabled me to get my second and third books written not only better than my first book but 10 times faster without the pain and heartache.

I was able to achieve my first 7-figure year as a book mentor in 2016, and now have a thriving business that is operated in 5 countries and has helped more than 400 people achieve their own successful businesses by writing and publishing their first book.

Ultimate 48 Hour Author changed the way non-fiction books are written and we are now blessed to be Australia’s first book for coaches, speakers, consultants, practitioners, and entrepreneurs wanting to write, publish and leverage their first book.

Below are some interviews that I did with some of our recently published authors so you can hear for yourself what a book has done for them.

This is what you can look forward when you make the commitment to write and publish your first book

  • Become more confident and achieve a life-long goal
  • Explode your personal profile and your brand
  • Attain greater visibility for you and for your business, products & projects
  • Expand your influence & reach more people by positioning yourself as a thought-leader and expert
  • Gain fulfillment by being in alignment with your real purpose
  • Share your story, wisdom, strategies, and expertise on a global scale
  • Change more lives by sharing your expertise and experience
  • Get more speaking gigs
  • Attract great JV partners

To your book writing success,