5 Tips to Leverage New Business Opportunities From Writing a Book

I was just like most other small business owners before I wrote my first book.  I was a coach selling ‘fluff’ and although I had amazing results and success, attracting clients was proving my biggest challenge.

I had a great service and I truly did change lives with my techniques and system that had evolved over the past 18 months.

I was out there networking, running workshops and webinars yet I never was able to ‘turn the client tap on’ and have business come easy.  In fact, I made only $7k in my first year and $32k in my second.

This was until a mentor of mine suggested I write a book on my expertise and personal experiences.  Always being one to do as my mentors tell me, I did just that.

It was the best business decision I ever made because as soon as my book was in my hands my whole business changed.  I was the hunted not the hunter.  I quickly filled my coaching practice and was in demand for the first time since I started my business.  I was asked to keynote speak at events across Australia and my articles appeared in numerous national publications.  It really did change my life.

Here are the 5 ways I have discovered to leverage new business opportunities from writing your book.

  1. Add the title ‘author’ to all of your profiles. By simply doing this, it suddenly makes you the industry leader and authority figure on your niche.  Perception is reality so if you have the knowledge to write a book, you are therefore a trusted advisor and someone who others will want to work with.


  1. Use a chapter or the introduction as a giveaway ‘opt-in.’ On your website, give your potential clients/customers a taste of what your book and your business are like. This is a huge credibility booster and value-add which again shows you as the person who can solve your client’s problems.


  1. Use Social Media to spread the word about your newly published book. Utilize the power of social media to get your name out there by sharing snippets of your book, maybe even releasing a chapter on your Facebook business page with a link to your book sales page where readers can purchase themselves a complete copy.  This is still the fastest way to be exposed to a huge number of potential new clients.


  1. Use your new book as your new business card. Carry your book everywhere you go.  Take a copy to networking events, seminars and any social get together you are attending.  When people ask, “What do you do?” you now have a great way to get a conversation going about your business which is much more captivating than usual.  (Just remember to keep a box of books in the boot of your car for any random book sale!)


  1. Send media releases to local journalists and editors. Here is your best opportunity ever for you to get free publicity for your business.  Don’t fall for the mistake of telling the media you have written a book, they simply won’t care.  Instead, tell them how your ‘story’ will add value to the readers/viewers of their publication/program etc. and why the problem you solve is newsworthy.  When the journalist checks out your profile they will immediately see that you are a credible person for a story as you have published a book in your field of expertise.  Now you have a hook.

If writing a book should be part of your business plan, and you want to learn how to leverage opportunities with your new ‘business card on steroids’ make sure you come along to my next Blueprint for Ultimate Book Writing Success workshop’ at a city near you CHECK OUT DATES AND CITIES HERE


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