So, You’ve Decided You Want to Write a Book…

So, you have decided you want to write a book…

Surprisingly, this isn’t as unusual and uncommon as it might seem.

As human beings, we have been passing on knowledge for millions of years from as far back as cave paintings that told stories that needed to be passed down with their pictures.

There is something that burns within most of us, something that quite suddenly can be screaming to get out without notice.

Whether it is a traumatic experience that has changed the direction of your life or a discovery that has seen you crack the code to be able to achieve amazing results in your area of interest.

So, back to that book you want to write…

How committed to writing it are you? Committed to bacon and eggs like the chicken (simply providing the eggs), or like the pig? (Giving himself)

I meet a lot of people on my travels at my speaking gigs and events that ‘want’ to write a book but ‘wanting’ and ‘doing’ are two very different things.

There is a lot of information provided by Mr. Google from a lot of great authors and writing mentors that could give you every tip and expert help you need to write your book. But still, the percentage of people that finish writing their book is less than 1%!

I’ve heard some amazing ideas, no, world-changing ideas, from many of my workshop attendees and website inquiries that need to be written and published for the greater good.

One of the biggest reasons for the lack of commitment to completing a book is not actually the know-how, (although that does cause plenty of people to get stuck in their tracks) it is our own inner critic telling ourselves that no-one will care, and no-one will read it.

Imagine, if the brilliant minds responsible for the technological advancements and breakthroughs that have made the world a better place had let their fears stop them from sharing their discoveries and knowledge?

Seven years ago, when I write my first book I remember my mentor at the time telling me, “Nat, it doesn’t matter if your book only helps one person, as it will matter a lot to that person that needed to hear what you have to say.”

After I was published, there were a lot more than the ‘one’ person that contacted me to tell me that my little weight loss mindset book, The 7 Ultimate Secrets to Weight Loss had changed their own beliefs and ensuing lives for the better.

Now, 8 books later, I have gone back over my past 5 years in the book mentoring space and busted all the excuses and myths that not only I had to overcome to write my first book, but thousands of others around the world are caught up on that is stopping them from achieving their book goal.

Of course, I cover the most common ones such as ‘procrastination’, ‘not knowing the process’, not being a ‘writer’ etc.etc. but the ones no-one else talks about such as ‘fear of success’ and ‘dealing with negativity from family and friends’.

I mentioned earlier that the world has had some amazing advancements and breakthroughs over the years but right now there are a lot of people doing it tough. We need those next generation of leaders, experts and those with the insatiable appetite to make a change.

We need people that have something to share to stop being selfish and start to share it with their community, their clients and in some cases, the world.

I am blessed to have directly helped more than 300 people write and publish their books over the last 4 1/2 years with Ultimate 48 Hour Author and there hasn’t been ONE that regretted writing their book.

Their lives have transformed in many ways. From financial, to philanthropic and changing not only their own lives through increased confidence, self-esteem, increased credibility and profile, but their readers lives too with their books being read all over the world.

Now, if you are still sitting there with an even stronger desire to write your book, instead of focusing on what you can’t do, focus on how you can do it. Remember, if you focus on the problem (of not knowing how, or how to structure your book and where to publish) then all you will see is the problems and they will seem insurmountable.

If, however, you focus on the solutions, and the bigger reasons you ‘want’ to write your book, and get some help along the way, you WILL get your book finished and become that published author you want to be!

I am super excited to be back on the road again with my Blueprint to Ultimate Book Writing Success writing workshop National Tour very soon so I can help more people get unstuck on their authoring journey.

To your book writing success,


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