The Book Pre-Sales Success Formula


As the dust has settled on our 22nd Ultimate 48 Hour Author Retreat this past weekend, our attention will soon turn to our upcoming Blueprint for Book Writing Success Workshop Tour but right now, we are still on high and celebrating what was a record-breaking weekend.

At our third retreat back in early 2014, we decided that it would give our authors a real shake-up by encouraging them to announce to their family, friends and online connections that they were writing their first book.

Surprisingly to ourselves, back then, not many had told even their nearest and dearest.

Over the ensuing 19 retreats, we have streamlined the process to include a pre-sales purchase link, help with the copy for their social media posts and, a 3D book cover image to make it even more real.

Our authors then committed to a date that they would have the books in their purchasers’ hands and voila, the unbreakable commitment has been made to those that have paid money for the promised book means that fear and procrastination can’t stop them from reaching the finishing line.

When we announced the pre-sales challenge, the normal questions came up and so did the doubts and fears.

This was going to make it very real.

After a few nervous, excited minutes and even a few tears from some, our authors committed to the challenge and went about announcing to their world that they were stepping up and writing their first book.

Over the next hour or so, the screams of excitement punctured the night air as sale after sale of their books were made and payments starting hitting their PayPal accounts.

The doubts were quickly erased and replaced with a sense of pride and self-worth.

Their message that they want to share with the world had truly been birthed and now there is no turning back.

I am so proud of each and every one of my August retreat authors and am still bursting with joy for them all as they keep sharing more sales in our group message.

We broke every pre-sales record that we had at Ultimate 48 Hour Author this past weekend beating the previous record of 162 books sold by our American author Tracey O’Malley.

The pre-sales record wasn’t just broken by one of the retreat attendees, but by no less than 3.

Jono ‘J-Z’s’ book ‘The Boot Camp Blueprint’ sold 192 copies.

Taryn’s book ‘To Cancer With Love’ sold 244 copies.

And then, there was Pam Burchill’s book ‘Brushstrokes’ that pre-sold a whopping 444 copies in just a 30 hr period!

Between all of the attendees, they pre-sold over 1200 copies of their books and everyone pre-sold at least 10 copies.

We had a financial planner, a speaking coach, a personal trainer, a health coach, a psychic medium, a communications strategist, a healer, 3 personal autobiographies and many other unique niches represented at the retreat.

I hope that one day you too will share your story, if you haven’t already, with those that need to read it and if you want to talk to me about how we could help make it a reality, make sure that you connect with us to have chat on 1300 664 006

Natasa Denman

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