The Healing Power Of Writing a Book

We all have painful experiences, both as children and as adults, and when we carry the energy of these negative emotions with us we can become physically and mentally ill.

Fear, anger, resentment, guilt, and shame trap us in toxic patterns, affecting our relationships.

These bad feelings keep us from living our best lives and serving our highest good, so it is absolutely essential that we learn to heal ourselves.

There are so many methods that we can utilize on our healing journey, from therapy to exercise, and they are all beneficial, especially when combined.

In my experience over the past 5 years with Ultimate 48 Hour Author, one of the most powerful healing tools is writing.

Although many of our authors come to us wanting to write a book to build their profile and credibility within their industry, what lies beneath all of that is a need to first fully heal themselves before they, in turn, help others.

The entire process that we teach our authors takes them on a journey of discovery and self-realization.

We take them deeper into areas that they need to go and the stories they share, with their heart open, this brings contentment and calm to every part of their being.

Throughout the journey of completing their book, our authors start to become more certain, more confident and grow as a person to a level where their initial fears and doubts of whether they ‘had it in them’ simply vanish into thin air.

This is where the magic truly happens and the transformation takes place: a place that ignites their inner fire so brightly they become compelled to share their message on a larger scale.

Many of them no longer think local when their book can reach people on a global scale.

As one of the attendees shared at our 22nd Ultimate 48 Hour Author Retreat last night, it just takes one person willing to make a difference to start a revolution of change, but first, they need a vehicle to share their voice and a book is the tool that best enables that.

Not every book is a healing tool.

Not every author has experienced pain yet if you have had a challenging past, a time that tested your limits and exposed your human frailties, this is what I recommend.

Be brave, pick up a pen and a notepad, or open a Word doc on your laptop.

You need nothing else to begin except a few minutes and the willingness to feel much better.

To your book writing success,


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