Where is the BEST Place to Write Your Book?


Finding the time and the place to write your book is often one of the biggest challenges people face when writing their first book.

Now, as a fan of Romantic comedies, I have seen quite a few movies where the leading man (insert heart-throb here) is a ‘struggling writer’ who always seem to be either escaping their everyday life to an idyllic (and very romantic) mountain-side or sea-side location to get rid of their writers’ block (and meet the girl of their dreams).

I often get asked the question, does the location and environment where I write have any bearing on getting the book written?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer on the location so unless 6 months locked away in a log cabin with your new-found love interest, I mean writing your book, sounds appealing, finding a more realistic space will have to do.

The biggest mistake most first-time authors make is failing to plan out their content and structure before beginning writing. It is like trying to find your way to a new holiday location you have never been without a map or GPS or tour guide instructions.

The urge to write a book isn’t enough to get it written. It takes planning, structure and a plan that can be executed without procrastination and perfectionism taking over.

If I look back at these RomComs where the frustrated, angst-filled lead is sitting at a type-writer (ok maybe I watched some old-school movies) or computer with a blank screen or just Chapter One, I want to scream with frustration.

Where are your notes, where is your structure, what are your chapters going to be about and where does the story end, why are your eyes so dreamy?

Now, admittedly the majority of the books I help people write are either business style and self-help books as well as autobiographies rather than creative writing and fiction however, the more you map out the book and the purpose behind it, the easier it is to not only get started, but to finish in the shortest time possible.

Once you get your content and structure clear, grab my Blueprint for Book Writing Success HERE it will help with that, it is then just a matter of finding a quiet place away from the distractions of kids, family, and clients and dedicate some time and book it in your diary, so it gets done.

I teach my authors to spend at least 30 mins planning out each chapter using our Chapter Unpack template using a formula that has been proven time and time again to hook the reader into their content, so they absorb as much of their content as possible.

With my Ultimate 48 Hour Authors, we then take them away for a weekend retreat to execute their content based on their chapter unpacks in an environment that is supportive, motivating and most of all, away from their life distractions.

This is where our Magic happens and while others have tried to create their own weekend retreat, without the support and mentoring they often report back that although they had a nice break from their lives, they left frustrated that they didn’t achieve their ultimate goal of completing their book on the weekend.

So, in summary, it is more about the preparation and planning than the location you choose to write your book so make sure before you begin (as re-starting can be even tougher as your doubts can creep in even more) you either use my Blueprint and Chapter Unpack templates available here or at least do a brain dump of your purpose, content, and intention for your book if you want to go it alone.

To your book writing success,


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