Why a Book is The New Businesses Card

A few years ago I met a very successful entrepreneur.  He radiated confidence in everything he did and when one of my colleagues asked him for his business card he simply said “Just Google me”

I was blown away and it was from that moment that I started to realize how important credibility was and how the status quo of handing out business cards seemed so outdated.

I believe that business cards are in the first stages of extinction.  With our electronic organizers, smartphones, and Google, why do so many people still rely on business cards to ‘do business’?

Business owners often overrate their business card as the expert status and credibility booster that sets them apart from the competition.

When you meet someone that you are going to potentially hire for the first time, what is it that you are looking for?  For me, it is them being confident, certain, knowledgeable and an expert in the industry.

When someone has written a book, not just an eBook, White-Paper or ‘How to Guide’ but a real published book, 9 out of 10 people have an instant level of trust with that person as they have done what so few people have done and that is written a book.

So what does writing a book do for your business?  Here are my Top 3 reasons why a book is the new Business card and how the story of your business can win new customers.

  1. Networking – Most business owners have done networking at some stage and a lot of successful ones are involved in groups which have regular meetings such as BNI (Business Networking International) HeartLink or Business Chicks. These events are about referrals and also being seen as the expert and go to person in your industry.  However, at one-off events, being able to stand out from the crowd and being remembered is a lot harder.  When you are the only person in your niche that has written a book on your experience and expertise, your credibility is automatically higher than others in the room and the book can, in fact, sell you better than you could.  It is the law of attraction that we are attracted to people with confidence and certainty and nothing shows confidence like writing a book does as it shows that you are prepared to stand behind your knowledge and expertise.
  2. Referrals – When your current clients are working with someone who has written a book, it is proven that they are more likely to mention that they are working with an author of ‘XYZ’ book that is again a great credibility boost for your expertise. Authors have a very high level of trust and trust is one of the most critical traits potential clients look for when deciding who to spend their money with.  If you have a few ‘first class followers’ (or raving fans) you can give them a few copies of your book so when they meet potential clients they want to refer, giving the ability to ‘gift’ the prospect a copy of your book is a great way to reach a new audience.  Add to this the increased potential of other complementary businesses wanting to do joint ventures with you go through the roof as you are someone they want in their eco-system.
  3. Expert Status – These days, anyone can have a great looking professional website and social media branding so how do you compete in this level playing field? You can spend more than your competitors on SEO and website optimization which is an ongoing expenditure that can increase dramatically due to technology changes.  Or, you can write a book and always be the published author and authority expert in your niche.  Your book is the best business card you can possibly have and can be used to increase your exposure online and offline.  Having your book for sale on your website and Amazon will make you stand out, guaranteed.  Your potential clients become curious about how you will be able to solve their problem or get them the results they want.  This is your opportunity to get those closed doors opened.

Writing a book and having it with you is the new business card on steroids.  You are instantly recognizable and memorable as you are seen as the expert authority figure in your niche.

Business today is competitive so everyone should be looking for a competitive advantage.   If you are still handing out your business cards and you aren’t doing ‘the business’ you would like, maybe it is time to get your business card on steroids.

Natasa Denman is The Ultimate 48 Hour Author. A highly sought after Professional Speaker (CSP accredited), coach and mentor, Natasa is a 10 time published author and creator of the game-changing business model, Ultimate 48 Hour Author. She has helped over 350 speakers, coaches, consultants, practitioners, business owners, and entrepreneurs become first time published authors in just 4 years.

In 8  years in business, Natasa has been nominated for The Telstra Businesswoman of the Year twice and was a finalist in AusMumpreneur of the Year in Product Innovation.

Appearing in all major media outlets across Australia including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Financial Review and The Age, Natasa is changing the way people do business in Australia and now runs a 7-figure business with her husband and 3 children traveling the country spreading her message and helping small business thrive.

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